About Figuerola Laboratories

Founded in California in 1992, FIGUEROLA is a leading producer of therapeutic nutritional supplements. From their headquarters in the Santa Ynez Valley, FIGUEROLA develops, produces and distributes high-performance therapeutic formulas, sports and performance supplements, specialty herbal supplements and preventative nutritional formulas. The company is centered around a commitment to innovation, science and performance, and has created renowned products such as LaminaSaver, JointSaver and SuspensorySaver.


Grounded in Innovation

Since its inception, FIGUEROLA has remained committed to the philosophy of innovation, and has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. The ingredients in FIGUEROLA formulas are of the finest quality, and are free of fillers, added sugars and artificial preservatives. The technology in EFX (the Rapid Delivery and Absorption System in all FIGUEROLA formulas) allows the essential nutrients of these supplements to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and efficiently, which means that you see results faster. This commitment is part of FIGUEROLA’s continuous dedication to improving the quality of life through better science and nutrition, and has resulted in the creation of a line of high-end therapeutic nutritional supplements for you, your horses and your pets.


Supported by Science

At FIGUEROLA, we create therapeutic nutritional formulas that work with the body’s natural ability to target specific ailments, from arthritis to diabetes, from insulin resistance to digestive disorders, and from immune deficiency to aging. Backed by years of research and committed to uncompromising quality and performance, FIGUEROLA formulas are concerned with truly healing the root of the problem at hand, rather than simply masking the symptoms. This is why every bottle of FIGUEROLA supplements is based on years committed scientific research in the lab and in the field, and why you can use FIGUEROLA supplements with confidence, knowing that only trusted, effective products bear the FIGUEROLA name.


Proven by Performance

As FIGUEROLA continues to evolve as a company, they remain committed to quality and focused on performance. In 2002, LaminaSaver won the “New and Innovative Product Award” at the Spruce Meadows Equi-Fair in Canada, and obtained a groundbreaking review in the June issue of Horse Journal. After numerous field trials featuring various treatments, they concluded that the “most impressive results were with LaminaSaver” and stated that they have “never seen anything like it for treating chronic laminitis.” The success of other products, such as SuspensorySaver (Horse Journal, Feb. 2003) and JointSaver (“improvements in three to five days”), serves as a continuous example of how FIGUEROLA products are created to help you, your horse, and your pets perform and live at the highest standard of health. Our greatest reward is to see lives changed by FIGUEROLA products, because we truly believe that living a healthy and active life is all part of living a better life.