OxygenSaver Human

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OxygenSaver Human

OxygenSaver’s proprietary formula is scientifically designed to work by promoting deep tissue oxygenation, enhancing nitric oxide production, and improving peripheral blood flow to boost vitality, energy, stamina, and overall well-being. Be it athletic performance or simply strong general health, OxygenSaver provides the body with oxygenation at the cellular level to maximize productivity and energy to promote rapid regeneration and strong physical health.

Dietary Supplement

Take 3 capsules twice daily for the first 6 weeks. Thereafter take 2 to 4 capsules daily.

Oxy-Librium™ Proprietary Formula: Pentahydroxine™ (Sea-buckthorns Extract, Gynostema Penthaphyllum (Gypenosides 80%), 20:1 Gynostema Penthaphyllum, Sedum Crenulata Root Extract, Lepidium meyenii (0.5 Beta-Ecdysone), 4:1 Morinda Citrifolia Extract, Mnagosteen, Goji Berry, Burdock Root Extract, Spirulina, Pinus Maritima and 80% Ginsenosides (Panax Ginseng)), Hemo-Flow™ (60% Tannins, 95% Proanthocyanidins (Croton draconoides), Caesalpinia tinctoria HBK, Ginkgo Biloba (24% Ginkgo Flavonglycosides, 6% Terpene Lactones, <5ppm Ginkgolic Acid) and Tournefortia polystachya), Hydrex™ (Dimethylglycine (DMG), Coenzyme Q10, Superoxide dismutases (SOD), Magnesium peroxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Actinolitum), Cordyceps sinensis, L-Argenine, L-Glutamic acid, L-Glutamine, Bioflavomax™ (Genistein, Naringenin, Quercetin and Hesperidin), Fucus vesiculosus (Noregan Sea Weed), Blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria), 17% Ascorbic Acid (Myrciaria Dubia), Pteropodine, Isopteropodine, Iso Mitraphylline, Uncarin F, Mitraphylline, Speciophylline, Isorhynchophylline, Rhynchophylline and 40% Vitis vinifera P.E.

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